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10th August 2011: What Bugs Me About Bloggers
So, I have been blogging for a long time now.  In this time I've had blogs which have made me money, and I've had blogs which have existed for just 1 or 2 posts.  But there is one thing I've never, ever done.  Nor will I.  And that is require someone to register to leave a comment.  Bloggers who do this really piss me off.  The thing is, it hurts the blog ecosystem. 

You see, if you let people leave comments as they wish, especially if you let them add their URL to their name, then it helps the blog ecosystem.  That blogger then gets a link back to their blog from potentially a really good blog.  That then helps them get bigger and more recognised.  Visitors who liked their comment can go and look at that persons blog.  Few blogs that require registration for comments allow this. 

Here is what gets me about it though.  It's a two fold thing.  I get people who say "But I get lots of spam!"  Uh huh.  Deal with it.  Moderate comments.  Install Akismet.  Or do what I do - do it by hand.  Actually, on my Linux blog, I allow free commenting, but moderate every comment.  It works for me.  Now.  On this blog things work differently.  I let anyone comment and then weed out any problem comments. 

But the thing that bugs me more than the "But I get spam" argument is that a lot of big bloggers do this.  That to me comes across as kicking the little guys in the mouth.  "We've made it big now, and this is ours.  OURS!  You get nothing!"  Bloggers should help bloggers.  I mean, take me for example.  Anyone who wants to write a guest post, anyone who wants to write a comment, contact me and let's talk.  Yes I want to make money from this blog, but you know what?  I don't want trillions.  I want enough to quit my job (now I've figured out where to go from there and keep the blog going!). 

So yeah, somewhat off topic, but that sums up a lot of my posts lately...

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